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released August 25, 2013

engineered by travis arterburn
mixed by travis arterburn // VIETNAM
mastered by andy "finally got paid" clarke



all rights reserved


VIETNAM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: impermanent past // impossible future
lights flicker out. soft spoken. most nice things get broken. swift, heart pounding, white mountain. feels good. for now. waiting, patient, tomorrow's come down. impossible future. impermanent past. like i was in the witching hour but passing through the hour glass. how do i feel the situation? i can't tell which light to bend through. but i still loved you in that sundress. i hate the summer. how do i see the complications? i can't tell which light just to bend through. it's always getting closer. where's your sister? i miss her. passion. it's passion.
Track Name: the changes
seven dreams about dreaming in the lake behind the wendy's where i spent my summers. it's uncanny. i can feel the changes coming. dad is on the train, right? mom is in the kitchen making dinner. too many calls i'm not taking. where southern cali is the same place. i write letters just to save face; they only argue about money. dad is in the grave now. mom is in the bedroom getting thinner.
Track Name: dying alone in your apartment, with heaps
how pleased was to find you in the bed where i left you there again. two days in hell. two nights to walk alone back from bars in downtown. all my old friends think i am someone else. you're passing out again, just like the summer. who says we couldn't melt away like this? who says we should of thought ahead of this? who says we can't be good friends?
Track Name: a balancing act proportional to its heavy and staggering outcome
i don't care about the person you are. i don't care about conclusions you've come to. i don't care about the olive branch but i know you'll get it ready. i can only say for myself i wanted to get out of this hell. you can only savor your health. i needed two more days in a cell. sitting at a bar in the evening, watching your friends stuff their faces. staring at a wall and i feel like i might burst into tears for ten years. hey i know it's hard to be alright with the others. i know you've got a tough reflection in the water. settle. it gets better
Track Name: 50% fuck that
cigarette machine on the way to the bathroom. all the dirty lookers breathing, offending you. i didn't want to. you can't be the right dude when it comes time to. hanging out with the smirkers and the sidewalk crew. you've got your face to the wall cause it's all that you got. i've got no grades to show. what difference does this difference in pay make? i've got it all. i know how it ends: i'll kill myself. slipping into a dream. wrong seat, wrong bus, wrong city, no service. i'm slipping into a dream. a dream in technicolor. this is a pervert's dream. this is not what it seems. serve me up with the others. human scum. fuck and run. i'm slipping into a dream. you've got your face to the wall cause it's all that you've got.
Track Name: the psyche
lit candles by the bathtub. two shots before you make love. off getting high again. come back with misdirected anger. clothes on the floor. i won't call, i'll be gone. follow me close. it's the last thing you know. you've got to try to never be alone.
Track Name: bobby's coming (the master)
bobby's coming. he brought you flowers and some chocolates baby, bobby's coming. he loves your body and your soul. bobby's coming. he's got an hour before he goes in baby, bobby's coming. he loves your body. he loves your soul. don't be there now. the man is a master. he wants to make you good all over. the man is the bastard. you want a hero. a duplicate product of zero. but bobby's faster. bobby never comes after. but i don't like to bother and since he doesn't like me to, we'll all go home. so bobby says: in this house, in this light, you look good. you look like you might.